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  Hunter is a joint tactical unmanned aerial system in service with the US Army. In 1989, the US Army, Navy and Marines initiated a joint unmanned aerial vehicle programme. TRW and Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) Malat Division won a low rate initial production (LRIP) contract in 1993 to supply seven Hunter systems. The systems entered service in 1996. Hunter has also been sold to France and Belgium.


  The Hunter system is capable of carrying out the following missions: real time imagery intelligence, artillery adjustment, battle damage assessment, reconnaissance and surveillance, target acquisition and battlefield observation.


  Since 1999, Hunters have been deployed in Macedonia, in support of NATO forces in Kosovo. In the first three months of Operation Allied Force, Hunters flew over 600 flight hours per 30 day period, providing imagery and real-time data. The Hunters operated in relay with two air vehicles airborne simultaneously for each mission.


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