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An intelligence mini-uav that began its service in 1992, and has since had a regular role in routine security operations in Lebanon. It serves to locate terrorist targets and aids IAF planes while they carry out their attacks.


以色列查找者(Searcher)无人机是一种情报微型-无人机(mini-UAV),在1992年开端执役和尔后用于在黎巴嫩日常安全操作的定时使命。10家做市7家亏 券商连续退出新三板个股做市服务,它适于去查找出恐怖份子方针和协助以色列空军(IAF)飞机履行他们的进犯。


The Searcher is powered by a 35 kW (47 horsepower) piston engine. It not only features updated avionics and sensor systems as well as greater endurance, but increased redundancy to improve survivability.












  主要使命(Primary Role)

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