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  HARPY is a lethal uav designed to detect, attack and destroy radar emitters. Harpy is a "Fire-and-Forget" all-weather, day/night autonomous weapon system, launched from a ground vehicle behind the battle zoneorfrom ship based launchers.


  HARPY effectively suppresses hostile SAM and radar sites for long duration, by detecting, attacking and destroying radar targets with a very high hit accuracy.

  哈比长续飞时刻有用限制敌方防空导弹(SAM)和雷达方位,发现、GoPro发布手持云台 Karma无人机从进犯和炸毁雷达方针,具有十分高的进犯精度。

  HARPY provides the most effective solution to the hostile radar problem, at the lowest price. HARPY is in production, is already operational with several nations Air Forces, and is currently available.


  Weighs 135 kg, 2.1 meter long, 2.7 meter span and with range of 500 km. It is sealed in its sealed launcher/container, to endure harsh battlefield conditions. It can be fueledordefueled in the launcher, therefore retaining its readiness at all time. The system uses periodical built-in test to maintain full readiness.


  The Harpy mission is planned and programmed in the battery ground control center, as an independent mission,orplanned in accordance with other mannedorunmanned systems. The drone flies autonomously enroute to its patrol area its radar seeker head constantly search for hostile radars. Once suspicious radar is acquired, Harpy compares the signal to the library of hostile emitters, and prioritizes the threat. If the target is verified, the drone enters an attack mode, as it transitions into a near vertical dive, homing on the signal. The drone is set to detonate its warhead just above the target, to generate the highest damage to the antennae, and surrounding facilities. If the radar is turned off before Harpy strikes, the drone can abort the attack and continue loitering. If no radar was spotted during the mission, the drone is programmed to self destruct over a designated area. Follow-on systems which are already proposed to foreign clients, are calling for a combination of seeker and killer drones that will enable visual identification and attack of targets even after they turn off their emitters.

  哈比(Harpy)的使命在炮兵地上控制中心内方案和编制程序,在一个独立使命期间,或与其它的有人操作或无人操作体系方案相一致。无人飞翔器飞翔中自主到它的巡查区域,它的雷达查找头不停地寻觅敌方雷达。一但可疑的雷达被捕获,哈比(Harpy)从内建的敌方天线信号资料库去对信号比较,并且优先要挟次第。 假如方针被承认,无人飞翔器进入一个进犯形式,它过渡进入近似笔直爬升之内,环亚娱乐平台。瞄准在信号源上。无人飞翔器设定正好在方针上去引爆战役部,对天线和周围设备形成最大损伤。假如雷达在哈比(Harpy)进犯前封闭,无人飞翔器能抛弃进犯和持续空中巡查。假如没有在使命期间发现雷达,无人飞翔器到一个被指定区域上按程序自毁。后继体系现已计划供给给国外客户,需求组合无人机的扶引设备和杀伤设备,将赋与可视辨认和甚至在它们封闭它们的天线后进犯方针。




Harpy Delivered to Turkey

  In a deal dating back to 1999, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) have taken delivery of a number on Harpy lethal unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd. (IAI). The exact number is unknown, but reports suggest that more than 100 lethal UAVs were delivered.

  IAIs MBT Division develop and produce the Harpy system, which is an attack UAV used in the suppression of enemy aerial defences (SEAD) role. It is a ‘Fire-and-Forget all-weather, day/night autonomous weapon system, launched from a ground vehicle mainly against hostile radar emitters, amongst others.

  In June 1999 MBT and Raytheon Missile Systems teamed to market the more advanced Combat UAV Target Locate and Strike System (CUTLASS), based on the proven Harpys UAV type airframe.

  Harpy is currently operational with several Air Forces globally.









Harpy Delivered to India

  According to media reports, the Indian army has purchased a number of the armed Harpy drone, produced by Israel Aircraft Industries.





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